AIP Recipe Guide for the Holidays

AIP Recipe Guide for the Holidays

Hey, hey, hey, Peeps!

Many traditional holiday dishes contain ingredients that we can’t eat on the AIP. But as my mom always says, “Don’t you worry your little heart” because fretting about what you will nom on over the holidays just – poof! – disappeared.

The AIP Community got together and created a central resource where you can access delicious AIP recipes, just in time for the upcoming holiday season. And I’m so excited to provide you with the link to this amazing AIP resource here on my blog!

Impress your family and friends by making these delectable recipes. Or why not share this recipe guide with your near and dear – it’s totes free and interactive. With a convenient click of the mouse, you’ll find yourself directly at the site where the recipe is posted.

I’m just so happy about sharing this. And when I’m happy, one of the happiest songs ever written pops happily into my head – I sneakily alluded to it in my opening salutation. “Hey Hey Hey” by Michael Franti is such a cheerful piece of music. I defy you not to jump about with a winning grin as this song plays. Franti’s lyrics speak to endless possibility.

Yes, carpe the freak out of that diem, my friends, by seizing the day and downloading this special AIP Holiday Recipe Guide. Then start planning all the yummy possibilities for your holiday fare. (And if you’re on Instagram, don’t forget to  hashtag  your photos of these dishes with #holidaysonaip so that we can all see what deliciousness you’re enjoying!)

Hey, hey, hey…sending lots of happy AIP vibes your way.

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