Well, hello there, and thanks for stopping by! My name is Martine, and I’m excited by eating scrumptious, whole, nourishing food in order to live a full, healthy, and happy life.

I started this blog primarily to share with you my love and passion for preparing a wonderful array of delicious, nutrient-dense food that has helped me heal. From time to time, however, I also share my personal thoughts — ruminations — on what it’s like to live with a chronic (and often invisible) illness.

I was diagnosed with Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD), specifically Crohn’s Disease, over 20 years ago. The battle with chronic illness has been long and hard, but I’m happy to report that since finding the right combination of dietary and lifestyle measures while working with both conventional and integrative medicine, my body is no longer struggling with extreme inflammation.  I’ve experienced a significant reduction in nasty symptoms associated with Crohn’s, and I now enjoy a sense of wellbeing I had once conceded was out of my reach.

While I’m still very much on the path of my healing journey, along the way I’ve realized that using food as medicine has resulted in the most profound changes in my overall wellbeing. Using food as medicine has proven to me how incredibly ready my body is to heal.

I give Hippocrates major props for saying, “Let food be thy medicine.” Food is my medicine. I eat for health. And I’d love for us to eat for health together.

So with that, I welcome you to my blog. My hope is that these recipes nourish your body while tantalizing your taste buds. Happy nomming!