Snickerdoodles (Paleo)

Snickerdoodles (Paleo)

When the lovely peeps at Primal Kitchen asked me if I wanted to develop a recipe featuring their fantabulous avocado oil mayo, I was more than happy to oblige.

The result of that tasty development is these Snickerdoodles. Head on over to Primal Kitchen’s website and check out the recipe for these cookies, which are the perfect blend of chewy and crunchy. The coconut palm sugar caramelizes ever so slightly rendering a most decadent treat.

Coconut palm sugar, derived from coconut sap, may have a lower glycemic index than regular white cane sugar, but even when consuming more naturally occurring sugar, it’s best to keep the portions small. So problem solved with these Snickerdoodles because you can have one and then share the rest with your nearest and dearest.

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Martine Partridge, founder of Eat Heal Thrive, is an eater of whole, nourishing, real food. She is also a combatter of Crohn's Disease. Martine wholeheartedly believes that food is the fulcrum for good health and has had wonderful results in managing autoimmunity by eating to heal, and healing to thrive.

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  1. Gwendolyn S. at 1:33 pm

    Your recipe is incredible! I just made these for the first time last night. Each snickerdoodle even has (had–I ate four already) crinkles and cracks on top, and the flavor is wonderful. Thanks so much, Martine! I’m always inspired by your IG posts, too.

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